March 15, 2007

The objective of this exercise is to help you identify problems you might have whenusing words which either look or sound similar but which have different meanings and uses.

1. After she had done a little (homework/housework),she went to her room to study.
2.When I arrived at the Immigration Office, I was informed about the correct (proceedings/preceding/procedure) when applying for a work permit.
3. Camping is one of the most (economic/economical) ways of having a holiday.
4. If you (lose/loose/lost) your ticket, you will have to replace it yourself.
5.Younger people find it easier to (adapt/adopt) to a different environment than older people do.
6. The British didn't (adapt/adopt) the decimal system for currency until the early 70s.
7. The film was so (bored/boring)I decided to read a book instead.
8. They were so (bored/boring) sitting at home all day, they decided to get holiday jobs.
9. I was (born/borne) in 1977.
10. My sister has (born/borne) four healthy children.

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