April 16, 2007

1. After she had done a little (homework/housework),she went to her room to study.

2.When I arrived at the Immigration Office, I was informed about the correct (proceedings/preceding/procedure) when applying for a work permit.

3. Camping is one of the most (economic/economical) ways of having a holiday.

4. If you (lose/loose/lost) your ticket, you will have to replace it yourself.

5.Younger people find it easier to (adapt/adopt) to a different environment than older people do.

6. The British didn't (adapt/adopt) the decimal system for currency until the early 70s.

7. The film was so (bored/boring)I decided to read a book instead.

8. They were so (bored/boring) sitting at home all day, they decided to get holiday jobs.

9. I was (born/borne) in 1977.

10. My sister has (born/borne) four healthy children.

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