July 07, 2007


1. My father would have stayed for lunch but he had a meeting.
Tip: Mealtimes need no article (indefinite article “a”).

2. I really can’t go to the party. I have migraine.
Tip: Don’t use continuous (verb + ing) when have/has is used to refer to possession or
sensation. Use simple tenses instead (no –ing).

3. Turn on the TV now. I want to watch my favourite programme.
Tip: Can you open a TV just like you open a cupboard? ;-)

4. Maria, as well as her sister, is visiting Australia this vacation.

Tip: Maria is the subject of the sentence and it is a singular subject. A singular subject with an attached phrase like “as well as” does not change a singular subject to a plural one. Thus, it is followed by a singular verb “is”.

5. I think teaching is a noble profession.
Tip: Please compare “think” (verb) and “thing” (noun).

6. You will never succeed because you have no determination.
Tip: Please compare “succeed” (verb) and “success” (noun).

7. She was very upset because her cat was dead.
Tip: Please compare “dead” (adjective) and “died” (verb: past tense).

8. Besides being an excellent mother, she is a great lawyer.
Tip: Please compare “besides” and “beside”.

9. We wanted to prove that we had not cheated our customers.
Tip: Please compare “prove” (verb) and “proof” (noun).

10. Education is a life-long process.
Tip: “Education” is a singular subject and certainly a singular verb (is) is required here.

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