October 18, 2007

BBI 2412: Topic Sentence (Answers)

Based on the supporting points and specific details given, write an appropriate topic sentence for each paragraph.

REMEMBER: A sentence has a subject, verb and complement. Please DO NOT write topics only.

1. Clothes have to be chosen carefully when you travel.
If you are traveling to a cold country, you should bring warm clothes. Be sure you have a hat and gloves, too. If you are going to a hot country, you need different clothes. You do not want heavy or dark clothes. In hot weather, light clothes are best. If you are going to a city, you may need some nice clothes. You may want to go to a special restaurant or a concert. It is different if you are traveling by bicycle in the country. Then you will want comfortable clothes. One rule is the same for all travelers, however. Do not bring too many clothes!

2. Cats may cause problems or Cats are not just pets.
Some cats can help people, and other cats can be a problem. For example, on farms and in old houses, cats can help. They kill small animals such as rats or mice. Some people do not want cats around, however. They like to watch birds in their yards. Cats may kill the birds or scare them away. Cats can also be a problem in cities. In Rome, for example, thousands of cats live in the streets and old buildings. They make a lot of noise, and they are dirty and dangerous.

3. Computers are useful, but they also can cause problems.
One kind of problem is with the computer’s memory. It is not perfect, so sometimes computers lose important information. Another problem is with the machinery. Computers are machines, and machines can break down. When computers break down, they may erase information, like chalk on a blackboard, or they may stop doing anything at all. There is one other, a different kind of problem with computers. Some doctors say they may be bad for your health. They say you should not work with computers all day.

4. The daily newspaper provides a valuable source of information.
As everyone knows, a town's daily newspaper reports the news from a round the world. Readers gain knowledge of world affairs by reading about wars starting and stopping, the national economy, and tragedies that befall people every day. Just as important to many readers, the newspaper reports on the world of sports and entertainment. Many subscribers eagerly await the morning paper to find out the latest box scores of favourite teams or the television and the movie listings of the day. Most important, the newspaper connects us to our community by publishing important announcements like births, deaths, weddings, and the events occuring in town like fairs and government meetings. Reading the newspaper helps us develop our intelligence as citizens by providing us with important information about the world.

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