April 11, 2008

“To write well is to know what a sentence is made of”

What is a sentence?

1. A sentence is a group of words that contains:
i) a subject
ii) a verb
iii) and expresses a complete thought and makes sense.

2. The basic sentence structure is SVO. The subject(S) comes before the verb(V) and followed by an object(O) or a complement(C).
i) A man walked his dog.
ii) Malaysia is a peaceful country.
iii) I have three red cars.
iv) She and her son ate dinner at Siti’s house.
v) Either Ali or his sisters will go to Ahmad’s wedding ceremony.

3. Sentences can be
i) simple - containing only one subject (S) and one verb (V).
Example: Ahmad(S) went (V) home.

ii) complex - containing two or more subjects and verbs with a subordinating conjunction or a dependent clause.
Example: Although(SConj) Ahmad(S) went(V) home, he will come(V) again tomorrow.

iii) compound - containing two or more subjects and verbs joined by a coordinating conjuction or a semicolon. Two simple sentences (independent clauses) are joined by a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so).
a) Ahmad(S) went(V) home, but(CConj) he will come(V) again tomorrow.
b) Ahmad(S) had(V) an interview;(semicolon)however, he was(V) late.

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