December 01, 2006

Ready to learn?
Hi! I hope everyone is happy today as I am. I'm so happy today because i finally got the chance to create my own blog which I believe could do a little help in improving my English and yours too.
I understand that some of you may feel uneasy and reluctant to speak English because you are afraid of making mistakes and being laughed. But, here nobody can see you face to face and everyone here is just like you with one target and it is to develop and improve English to the fullest.
Do you know that the more you make errors, the more you will learn. Sounds like errors are o.k, isn't it? Agree? Great! I can see you're smiling now. :o)
So put your best foot forward TODAY and let's make a better day. The better day is when both English and the world are at your Fingertips. Why do I associate English with the world?...Think!

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