December 21, 2006

When were traffic lights first used?

: lampu

: kenderaan / kereta kuda

: ahli-ahli parlimen (members of parliament)

*entered (enter)(past tense)
: masuk

*left (leave)(past tense)
: meninggalkan

: berkabus

: pengawal

: pelita /sejenis lampu minyak

Houses of Parliament London

The first ever example of *lights being used to signal road traffic was at the Houses of Parliament in London in 1868. When *carriages carrying *MPs *entered or *left the house during the night or on *foggy days, a *watchman would hold up a *lantern. A red lantern to stop traffic and let the carriages out and a green lantern to signal the other traffic it was clear to carry on.
Modern traffic lights were developed from 19th-century railway signals.

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