April 11, 2008

SUMMARY (Part 2)

A singular subject uses a singular verb and so does a plural subject that uses a plural verb.

ii) A singular subject refers to single or one object/item.
iii) Every singular verb has the ending ‘s’.
iv) A plural subject refers to more than one object/item.
v) Every plural verb does not have the ending ‘s’, yet maintains the original form.
vi) Memorize the formula below and study the examples to understand better.

Formula 1 (Singular/main verb/present tense):
Sing= V+s

Example sentence:
1. He enjoys the Math class.
2. The pencil costs 60 sen each.
3. A cat eats fish.
4. A computer helps us in many ways.
5. My mother picks up the phone.
6. Salleh reads the book three times.

Formula 2 (Plural/main verb/present tense):
Plu= V-s

Example sentence:
7. They enjoy the Math class.
8. The pencils cost 60 sen each.
9. Cats eat fish.
10. Computers help us in many ways.
11. My sisters pick up the phone.
12. We read the book three times.

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