April 11, 2008

SUMMARY (Part 1)

1. A sentence contains a subject and a verb. It is a complete thought and makes sense.
2. The basic sentence structure is SVO (Subject,Verb,Object).
3. A subject can be a noun or a pronoun.
4. Nouns are names for any things: boy, food, rattan, John, Singapore, beauty, toilet, university, bus, etc. Nouns can be divided into 2 categories:
man------------------- Ahmad
building---------------- KLCC
bus-------------------- Maraliner
school------------------ SMK Kijal
television------------ Samsung
restaurant-------------- KFC
5. A Pronoun is a word used in place of a noun. It avoids repetition of a noun and monotonous in sentences. Only the subject pronoun is used as the subject in a sentence.
6. A verb comes after the subject (SVO)

7. The verb can be divided into 2 classes:

i) Main verb (actions): jump, eat, kick, smile, jog, cycle
State of being (auxiliary verbs):is/was,are/were,has,have/had,

8. A verb shows time (tenses):past, present, future
i) A subject must agree with the verb and this is called Subject-Verb Agreement (SVA).

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