October 18, 2007

BBI 2412: Quiz 1 ( Subject-Verb Agreement )

1. All of the students (have, has) come forward to support the environment campaign.

2. The tailor you and your cousins go to (is, are) reliable.

3. Eating out too often (is, are) unhealthy indeed.

4. The graduates (look, looks) smart in their robes.

5. The trainees (work, works) hard to complete their projects.

6. Cleanliness in our compound (is, are) everyone’s responsibility.

7. A bunch of bananas (is, are) not cheap nowadays.

8. Here (is, are) the goods you purchased.

9. Ida, like Elsie, (love, loves) Hindi movies.

10. Besides the coach, the team manager, (was, were) also invited to the opening ceremony.

11. Not one of the students (has, have) arrived yet.

12. Either Siti or her sisters (is, are) interested in sport.

13. Anybody who (is, are) qualified can apply to study at the college.

14. Ahmad, along with her best friend Ridzuan, (cycle, cycles) three kilometers every evening.

15. How you complete the assignments (is, are) up to you.

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